The help you need to overcome countless problems with brand strategy

Nearly all of the problems you face as a business are in some way connected with your brand. The question is if you’re able to use your brand to help you solve the problems – or if you just let it tag on at the end like an unhappy appendix. Of course, you don’t have to have a dedicated brand strategist onboard to succeed. But it sure helps if you have one you can turn to.

The top 10 problems I come across

  • We have this new innovation that has even greater potential than our existing offer. Do we need a sub-brand or should we create a new one?
  • We know our purpose as a brand, but we find it hard to articulate it
  • We’re about to launch an innovation in a field that doesn’t exist yet – how do we position ourselves?
  • When we chose our name we weren’t thinking in terms of the global market. Is it too late to change it?
  • Our services are highly technical, what can we do to breathe some emotion into our brand?
  • We’ve worked with various designers and agencies but none of them understand our brand
  • We are able to communicate how our product solves a huge problem, but nobody gets excited about it
  • We’ve been offered an amazing deal from a huge distributor but we’ll have to drop our prices
  • Other startups are trying to solve the same problem using similar technologies, how can we differentiate our offer?
  • A new competitor is trying to copy our brand personality and positioning

What you can expect

You might just need a sounding board or some straight forward advice. Or maybe you’ll need my help to devise a strategy and guide its implementation. Either way, I thrive on the opportunity to overcome a good problem. If you’ve got one in mind then go ahead and ask me. Even if I can’t help, I guarantee you an honest response.

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