A collaborative process for finding the spearhead of your brand

Coming up with the right name is the single greatest investment you can make in your brand. If you can get it right – and you can if you work through this tried and tested process. I will guide you all the way and make sure that we come up with something original, expressive and memorable. Your new name will propel your brand faster, further – and in the right direction.

What it involves

After an initial meeting to understand your business, we will outline the framework and identify your team. The basic structure can be divided into 3 phases.

  • A workshop to uncover the criteria needed for the all-important strategic naming brief
  • Cultivating a bank of names over a set period of time using a systematic yet inspirational methodology
  • Shortlisting, preliminary screening, evaluation and final selection – all in accordance with the naming strategy

What you’ll get out of it

  • An effective name that fulfils the strategic, creative and technical criteria to make it truly robust
  • A viable domain name solution and some social media handles
    The sense of ownership and motivation needed by your team to launch the name successfully 
  • A process for developing names that you can apply to future naming projects


  • Full engagement from key founders and leaders is required from start to finish. A moderate amount of time and commitment will be needed from the rest of the team.
  • Following an in-person start-up, the body of the work can be managed effectively online, before meeting again for the final evaluation.
  • You will need additional help with legal screening and trademark registration 
  • Cost is determined on a case-by-case basis according to the nature of your business and the scale of your brand

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